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Are you familiar with an effective, discreet tax strategy that offers substantial income tax savings for businesses located outside the United States? You can capitalise on this opportunity to significantly reduce your income taxes. Our U.S. Limited Liability Company (LLC) strategy is a frequently overlooked method that provides a substantial tax advantage. However, it must be meticulously and appropriately executed. This strategy is already in successful use by companies worldwide.

We specialise in establishing U.S. companies for use in international tax planning strategies. Over the past seven years, we’ve assisted thousands of foreign companies in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. This strategy can substantially boost your income.

Below, you’ll find information about the U.S. LLC strategy, along with case studies illustrating its implementation. These documents can help you understand how our services can play a pivotal role in reducing your taxes.
This is a unique opportunity for you to adopt an effective international tax strategy.

Advantages of Forming a Tax-Free US Company

The U.S. LLC

The U.S. Limited Liability Company (LLC) has become a crucial tool for international tax planning, thanks to its “flow-through” taxation benefits. While it offers liability protection similar to a U.S. corporation, it enjoys partnership-like tax treatment. Essentially, the LLC itself pays no income tax, as all income and expenses are directly attributed to the owners.

By establishing and utilising a U.S. LLC in conjunction with an offshore company, you can combine the advantages of both onshore and offshore business worlds. A well-structured LLC allows you to bypass the increased scrutiny typically associated with offshore companies while enjoying the credibility of a U.S. company and the tax benefits of an offshore entity.

How It Operates

For a U.S. LLC to be tax-free in the United States, it must meet specific criteria: it should have no income or expenses within the U.S. and must be owned by a foreign company or a non-U.S. citizen residing outside the U.S.

Once established, you conduct business with your U.S. company counterpart by exchanging invoices and payments. The U.S. LLC then deposits the funds into its bank account, which is subsequently transferred to your offshore company’s account. This allows you to use or invest the funds without incurring taxes.

Our firm specialises in forming U.S. companies for international tax planning strategies. We have successfully implemented unique approaches to help foreign companies attain tax advantages over the past seven years. Our services encompass all essential elements required to establish your U.S. LLC and maximise your success by creating a credible image that minimises scrutiny by tax authorities.

Our firm specializes in the formation of U.S. companies for use in international tax planning strategies.

We have implemented our unique approaches for helping foreign companies achieve tax advantages for the past 7 years. Our services include all of the necessary elements to form your U.S. LLC and maximize your success by creating a “believable image” that will avoid the scrutiny of tax authorities.

A Tax Haven for Non-U.S. Residents

Benefits of Incorporating in Florida

Let’s address the tax scenario in the USA when you consider moving forward with a U.S. LLC Company in Florida.

While many people recognise Florida as the headquarters for numerous major U.S. companies, they might not be aware that the United States has evolved into one of the world’s most attractive jurisdictions for non-U.S. citizens, courtesy of the Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The LLC is a unique business entity, combining aspects of a corporation and a limited partnership. For income tax purposes, a Florida LLC is entirely disregarded by U.S. tax authorities. It pays only one tax, the annual $150 Florida franchise tax.

An LLC’s profits are treated as “pass-through” income, flowing directly to the individual owner. U.S. citizens who file a personal tax return have these profits added to their taxable income and are taxed at their individual rates. For non-U.S. citizens not required to file a U.S. tax return, the advantage is that the LLC’s profits pass through to the owner without being subject to U.S. taxation. If necessary, the owner can voluntarily report the LLC’s income in their home country. It’s important to note that ownership in a Florida LLC is entirely private and is not disclosed, even to the state of Florida.

For various types of businesses, incorporating in your home state or country makes sense. However, an internet-based business operates differently, as it is accessible to a global audience. You may reside in one state, while your website is hosted in another, your bank is in a different state, and your customers are spread across the world.

By incorporating in Florida, you maintain the status of a borderless company. You are not operating in Florida, and thus, you do not incur Florida taxes. You are merely registered in the state, not engaged in business activities. Consequently, your corporation is liable for federal income taxes or, in the case of a Florida LLC, may be entirely tax-free.

With a Florida corporation or LLC, your business can be headquartered anywhere worldwide, or even without a fixed location. Florida does not require your business address, and it is not interested in the names and addresses of your company’s shareholders, officers, or directors. The only address we need is a shipping address for sending your company documents and subsequent franchise tax notices. Our address serves as your company’s “registered office” in Florida, and we forward all official correspondence related to your business.

Privacy and Security
  • Your personal information, including your name and address, remains confidential and is not publicly disclosed.
  • Both your residential and business addresses are kept private and are not exposed to the public.
  • Ownership details are not available as public information.
  • There is no publicly searchable database for accessing information about company management or ownership.
Tax Advantages
  • A Florida LLC enjoys tax benefits and is generally exempt from most taxes, with the exception of the nominal annual $150 franchise tax.
  • Florida does not impose a sales tax.
  • State corporate income tax is not applicable to Florida companies that do not conduct business within the state.
  • There are no Florida capital shares or stock transfer taxes.
  • Florida does not impose state inheritance tax on stock held by non-residents.
Legal Protection
  • Florida offers a Director Shield Law that safeguards you from personal liability concerning your company’s actions.
  • Established legal frameworks protect Florida companies, allowing them to focus on their business activities rather than costly legal disputes.
  • Uniquely, Florida has a separate court system called the Court of Chancery, dedicated to efficiently resolving legal matters.
  • In case of legal action in Florida, your “registered agent” acts as a protective intermediary, receiving service of process on your company’s behalf.
  • Due to the confidentiality of company ownership and management, it is challenging for creditors and litigators to “pierce the corporate veil.”
Convenience and Versatility
  • A Florida corporation or LLC can be headquartered anywhere in the world, offering the flexibility to choose your preferred business location.
  • A single individual can hold positions as the stockholder, director, and all executive offices, streamlining management.
  • You are not required to maintain a physical office address in Florida, aside from that of your “registered agent”.
  • Company records are not obliged to be stored in Florida, allowing for flexibility in record-keeping.
  • Stock transfers can be swiftly and privately executed without the need for public notifications.
  • You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to establish a regular Florida “C” corporation or LLC.
  • Our firm’s services enable you to establish your company in Florida without the need to personally visit the state.
  • There is no minimum investment requirement to form a Florida corporation or LLC, making it accessible for various business sises.
Versatility and Business Diversity
  • Various types of businesses can be conducted under a single corporate entity, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Your company can own real estate or personal property anywhere in the world, facilitating global business operations.
  • Unlike many other states, corporations can easily transition into LLCs and vice versa, offering greater flexibility for adapting to changing business needs.

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