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International Trade – Case Studies

Effective tax planning is crucial in international trade for the procurement and supply of goods and services. By leveraging specific corporate entities, clients can benefit from treaty relief and other valuable advantages.

TBA excels in addressing a wide array of challenges associated with international trading. Our extensive network of relationships with governments, customs authorities, and banks worldwide, developed over more than 15 years, ensures that you have the full support of the international trading community as you explore and enter distant markets.

Our global connections enable us to navigate cultural and linguistic differences, bridging the gaps that often pose challenges to businesses operating in foreign territories.

Solutions for International Trade

The world is complex, and different situations require tailored solutions. To effectively manage credit risk, finance transactions, or establish a sound tax-planning structure for your business, you need access to the right international trade solutions, regardless of your location. Our extensive global network, deep expertise in trade, and comprehensive range of international trade solutions can fulfill all your needs for in-country, regional, or global trade services and align with your operational requirements.

TBA offers you the global network, services, and expertise necessary for success.

Experience for Success

Our award-winning trade services and trade advisers, certified by the Institute of Export in the UK, can strengthen your international trading endeavors and deliver the outcomes your business requires in all your markets. We provide a range of commercial services to support and enhance your international trade activities.

Administration and Management Services

  • A turn-key administrative service for client companies.
  • Project management.
  • Arrangement of legal and taxation advice and opinions.
  • Drafting of commercial agreements, consultancy contracts, and employment contracts.
  • Assistance in opening and managing bank accounts.
  • Trading and Letter of Credit services.
  • A turn-key service for companies engaged in trade with the European Union, including VAT registration, VAT return filing, management, accounting, audit of documentary credit transactions, cash management, invoicing, and more.
  • Payroll solutions.
  • Management of international personal pension schemes for expatriate employees.
  • Cubicle and physical presence operations.
If you require further information, a quotation, or clarification on any related matters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our consultants. They will be delighted to assist with your inquiries.

Our company licensing services

— What we do and do not do

Our company is EXCLUSIVELY engaged in assisting worldwide clients, either individuals or corporate entities, to get duly and properly licensed with local Regulators and Financial Authorities to get respective official licenses to legally carry out their cryptocurrency or financial related business activities.

TBA & Associates Tax Business Advisors does not provide or carry out any sort of Cryptocurrency or Financial services!

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