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How much does it Cost to Register a Company with TBA?

Just select the country where you consider setting up your Business Company, and click on the related button “Detailed Price List” below.

Before the process of establishing an offshore company, a professional consultation is recommended to analyze the particular business plan and recommend an appropriate jurisdiction for the establishment of the suitable business company for your project.

Just tell us about the reasons why you need to incorporate overseas, and our Business Development Team will get immediately in touch with you, with all you need to take the right decision in terms of the most recommended jurisdiction and type of corporate entity to be set up, and the full detailed cost for such incorporation. Our technical, Legal and tax assistance, is completely free, with no charge to be considered.

Our “Detailed Price List” will include:

Optional Services (such as Bank Account Opening;
Provision of Nominees, for full Privacy and Confidentiality;
Certification of Documents;
Annual Renewal Services and Fees, to keep your company in Good Standing and Full Compliant, according to local Corporate Laws, at
all times.

With any International Business Company set up, there are fees paid to the jurisdiction’s government office, compliance division, registered office address and local Registered Agent, amongst a few others that comprise the entire cost of incorporating your company. In some cases, notary, courier and small administration fees are included in the cost of incorporating, should you apply for certified copies of your company corporate documents. All of the costs of incorporating your company will be provided upon your request of “Detailed Price List”.


International Jurisdictions Incorporation Fees From Detailed Price List
Belize USD 390 Detailed Price List
British Virgin Islands BC USD 485 Detailed Price List
Bulgaria EOOD EUR 745 Detailed Price List
Canada, British Columbia, LP - Inc USD 370 Detailed Price List
Canada, Nova Scotia, LP - Inc USD 370 Detailed Price List
Canada, Ontario, LP - Inc USD 370 Detailed Price List
Cayman Islands, Exempt Company USD 975 Detailed Price List
Cyprus, Ltd EUR 340 Detailed Price List
Czech Republic, SRO EUR 895 Detailed Price List
Denmark K/S (LP) EUR 710 Detailed Price List
Estonia, OU EUR 590 Detailed Price List
Gibraltar, Ltd - Non-Resident GBP 695 Detailed Price List
Hong Kong, Ltd - Non-Resident USD 420 Detailed Price List
Isle of Man GBP 1.650 Detailed Price List
Ireland, Rep. Private Limited by Shares EUR 170 Detailed Price List
Malta, Private Limited EUR 750 Detailed Price List
Marshall Islands, IBC USD 320 Detailed Price List
Mauritius, Authorised Company USD 795 Detailed Price List
Netherlands, BC (Ltd) and CV (LP) EUR 1,780 - EUR 610 Detailed Price List
New Zealand, Ltd USD 1,250 Detailed Price List
Northern Ireland, Private Limited and LLP GBP 160 Detailed Price List
Saint Kitts & Nevis, IBC and LLC USD 475 Detailed Price List
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, IBC USD 695 Detailed Price List
Scotland, Private Limited and LLP GBP 160 Detailed Price List
Seychelles, IBC USD 255 Detailed Price List
Singapore, PTE (**) USD 1,825 Detailed Price List
Spain, Sl EUR 390 Detailed Price List
Sweden, AB (Ltd) - KB (LP) EUR 1.900 (AB) - EUR 525 (KB) Detailed Price List
United Arab Emirates, Ras al Khaimah, ICC USD 430 Detailed Price List
United Kingdom, Private Limited, LP and LLP GBP 160 Detailed Price List
USA, Colorado, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Delaware, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Florida, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Hawaii, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Kentucky, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, New Jersey, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, New Mexico, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, New York, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Oregon, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Pennsylvania, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Rhode Island, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List
USA, Wyoming, LLC (*) USD 225 Detailed Price List

TBA & Associates is a trusted and experienced company formation agent, duly Registered and Licensed as Trust and Corporate Service Provider, Supervised by HMRC Anti-Money Laundering Supervision, specializing in incorporation services across over 28 jurisdictions worldwide.

* Price Excludes State Fee

** Resident Director Required

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Year 1 Incorporation and service fees.
Optional Services (Bank Account opening, Nominee services, Certification of documents, amongst others).
Annual Renewal service fees for year 2 and subsequent years, to keep your company in good standing and full Compliant at all times.

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