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Asset Protection
Safeguarding Your Wealth Through
Strategic Measures

Asset protection entails employing strategic methods to shield your wealth,especially against potential creditor claims. Entities or individuals who may make such claims include business associates, tax authorities, parties with legal judgments, former spouses or partners seeking financial gains, and prospective heirs.

Proactive restructuring of your assets can fortify your position against future claims. Delaying this process until a claim arises could be futile. Furthermore, attempting to rearrange your assets in response to a dispute or claim might expose you to investigations for criminal fraud.

For instance, in the case of a contentious divorce where your former spouse seeks significant financial gains, hastily transferring ownership of jointly held marital property and separate property to your adult son would likely be ineffective. Courts are likely to overturn such transfers, considering the properties as marital assets subject to financial claims.

However, by taking preemptive measures before any potential claims arise, you can effectively shield your assets from actions by your spouse.

At TBA, we provide assistance in wealth creation, asset protection, and tax-efficient capital extraction from your business.

Optimizing the efficiency of your Wealth and Assets

Enhancing the efficiency of your wealth and assets involves implementing measures to protect them effectively.

One strategy is restructuring your assets, which may reduce your income tax and/or capital gains tax obligations.

Depending on your asset portfolio and objectives, we may recommend establishing offshore trusts or other specialized structures, forming an International Business Corporation, or utilizing insolvency mechanisms.

Additionally, drafting a will is essential to ensure your designated beneficiaries receive your estate and to mitigate potential inheritance tax liabilities upon your demise.

Types of Asset Protection Structures

A brief overview of asset protection vehicles and their typical applications:

Limited Liability Company (LLC):
LLCs are often chosen for investments aimed at generating passive income,such as real estate holdings, dividends, and brokerage accounts. Opting for an LLC as the corporate structure for your enterprise can protect your personal
assets from potential business creditors and legal actions. Establishing a distinct legal entity for your business endeavors provides a level of separation that typically shields you from the liabilities associated with those activities.

International Trust:
Various trusts are available, primarily beneficial for asset protection and intergenerational wealth transfer. These trusts can be established by individuals or entities and may own an LLC or an IBC (International Business Corporation), depending on individual goals.

International Foundation:
Foundations serve as a civil law alternative to common law trusts. They are effective for asset protection and can also be utilized for non-profit activities.

In summary, a range of structures exists to safeguard assets, ensure privacy, reduce tax obligations, and defer income. These structures can function independently or in combination to achieve specific objectives.

The Best Asset Protection Structures

An integral aspect of asset protection against legal judgments involves the use of offshore asset protection trusts. Through robust international asset protection trust laws, such as those in the Cook Islands, individuals can ensure the safety of their assets even in the face of monetary judgments.

While a court ruling may grant adversaries legal authorization to pursue assets, foreign trustees operate outside the jurisdiction of domestic court rulings.

Consequently, they are not obligated to surrender assets to judgment creditors.

You retain control over the day-to-day management of your financial accounts within your offshore company and trust. In times of legal pressure, such as lawsuits or judgments, provisions within asset protection trusts empower
licensed and bonded trustees to interpose a legal barrier between creditors and assets.

Esteemed foreign trustees intervene and adhere to your directives regarding asset management, thereby safeguarding your wealth from legal challenges.

Their intervention occurs only when courts would otherwise enforce monetary claims.
Would you prefer the certainty of your assets being seized by courts, or entrust a regulated, licensed, and insured trustee to execute the task you've compensated them for: safeguarding your assets? While the offshore trust, particularly the Cook Islands Trust, boasts a longstanding track record, the Cook Islands Foundation presents another effective advanced asset protection structure. With a Cook Islands Foundation, individuals can designate a epresentative of their choice to manage their estate in the event of incapacity.

Next steps to be considered

Whether your assets are local, such as your bank account or residence, or situated abroad, effective methods are available to safeguard them.

We prioritize compliance with tax regulations and take special precautions when advising on offshore asset protection to ensure avoidance of any implication of tax evasion. Our commitment is to safeguard our clients from investigation and legal consequences while protecting their assets.

Feel free to reach out to one of our Consultants for comprehensive assistance in selecting the optimal structure for your individual asset protection requirements.

Our team of asset protection lawyers possesses extensive expertise in both domestic and international jurisdictions, ensuring thorough guidance for your needs.

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