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International Estate Planning

Our team of experts in international estate planning offers assistance in effectively managing assets across borders while navigating significant life changes and family dynamics.

A thorough analysis of estate planning allows you and your family to optimize asset utilization amidst various life events such as marriages, divorces, births,and bereavements.

Whether you reside in the UK with overseas holdings or abroad with UK-based assets, we provide guidance on structuring global wealth efficiently.

Our services encompass:

Strategizing to minimize taxes, including inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and income tax.
Facilitating the transfer of wealth between different countries.
Advising on relocation to another jurisdiction.
Assisting with tax domicile changes.
Implementing measures to maintain family control over assets.
Facilitating capital and asset gifting.
Ensuring provision of income for family members across different regions.
Safeguarding assets for future generations.
Developing succession plans.
Facilitating the transfer of wealth to family members, both during your lifetime and upon death.

Our team comprises dedicated estate planning solicitors and tax specialists who serve clients globally. Additionally, we collaborate closely with financial planning experts to provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of estate

Recognizing the deeply personal and often culturally significant aspects of estate planning, we offer practical advice on addressing these complex and
sensitive issues to ensure the well-being of your family.

As part of one of the UK’s largest teams specializing in Tax, Trusts & Estates, we possess a wealth of expertise to handle estates of varying sizes and complexities, regardless of asset locations. We stand ready to advise you on the optimal strategies for securing your family's future.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning integrates legal, tax, and financial strategies to assist in the management and preservation of wealth for future generations.
Whether your aim is to safeguard income for later years or to provide for your family's future, estate planning can be invaluable. Our legal professionals ensure that you and your family derive maximum benefit from your assets over time.

Effective estate planning facilitates the seamless transfer of assets while minimizing tax liabilities. While inheritance tax is a primary concern, attention to capital gains tax, income tax, and Stamp Duty Land Tax is also essential.

International estate planning, involving assets or family members across different countries, adds complexity to the process, particularly regarding tax implications. Our firm manages international estates for clients worldwide, equipped with the detailed expertise necessary for efficient wealth management. Reach out to speak with a member of our team at 0203 282 7159.

International estate planning may be beneficial if you possess a substantial estate and:

You are domiciled in the UK with foreign assets exceeding £2 million.
Your UK assets exceed £2 million while you are domiciled elsewhere for tax purposes.
You are relocating to or from the UK.
You own assets in multiple countries.
You intend to distribute wealth to individuals residing in different countries.
We cater to diverse clients with varied estates, assets, and family dynamics, recognizing the unique needs and goals of each individual. Regardless of your circumstances, contact us to explore how we can assist you.

Can International Estate Planning mitigate
Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance tax may apply to your estate if you possess UK assets, even if you and your surviving family reside abroad.

We employ various structures to help minimize inheritance tax, including:
Private Investment Companies
Private Cell Companies

These approaches often enable tax reduction without relinquishing full control of
your assets.

The most suitable structures for you depend on factors such as your estate's size, the nature and location of your assets, and your future objectives. Our specialized estate planning experts collaborate closely with you to devise the optimal solution for your estate. Contact us to learn more.

How are Trusts implicated in International Estate

Trusts facilitate the transfer of wealth and assets, either during your lifetime or after your demise, with provisions for their appropriate use. They enable you to manage and allocate capital to various beneficiaries at different times.

Trusts are particularly advantageous for tax minimization. If you reside in the UK but are domiciled abroad, placing UK assets in trusts can shield them from inheritance tax. Moreover, these trusts retain their inheritance tax protection even if you subsequently establish domicile in the UK.

How can we Assist You

With over twenty years of estate planning experience, our dedicated team of experts serves clients on a worldwide basis.

This breadth of experience grants us comprehensive insight into wealth management structures, encompassing their practical, day-to-day implications for family members, as well as their long-term tax ramifications.

For any question or matter you may need to discuss or clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us; our Team shall be very pleased and ready to provide you all the assistance you may need.

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