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Corporate merchant accounts – fully integrated merchant solutions

Internet Merchant Accounts are designed to facilitate credit card transactions over the internet. If you operate an online business and do e-commerce, we have the perfect solutions for you to obtain privacy, and avoid all of the burdensome rules and regulations surrounding online e-commerce in your domestic country.

TBA is now pleased to offer our clients a full and comprehensive merchant facility for their offshore companies.

As a fully integrated solution that includes the following elements:

European Tax Exempted Company

Full Nominee Shareholder and Director Services

Secure Company bank account

A custom made merchant facility to complement your business model

Inclusions and fast start-up

Our merchant solutions include quick set-up of custom merchant solutions through which the merchant can be live and processing within 48 hours of acceptance.

Recently introduced features and advantages

New or start-up businesses can profit significantly from our innovative merchant solutions developed to offer free use of several merchant account key features:
  • Payment page hosting;
  • SSL-encryption for the payment page;
  • Management of customers’ databases;
  • The provider will manage access to content websites by emailing username and password to consumers as an access to content sites, thus leaving the merchant free to concentrate on developing his or her business;
  • 24/7 professional payment support centre;
  • Cover eventual high-risk registration fees for the merchant and allow him or her to allocate the right resources to the business;
  • Profit from all of the merchant account features;
  • Multi-currency and multi-payment accounts;
  • Risk management and fraud scrubbing.

TBA E-Commerce Solutions

The key driver for business growth in many countries nowadays is electronic commerce; e-commerce is a quick and efficient way to penetrate new markets, a one-stop link between demand and supply.

To successfully develop and expand the options available to its clients, TBA offers a Settlement System Service for acquiring transactions from major international payment card systems Visa and MasterCard, providing state-of-the-art transaction security with no connection or subscription fees.

We want your business to develop successfully and achieve leadership!
TBA, through its Partners, offers a high-tech payment card acceptance service that will expand the range of commercial options available to you – enabling your clients to pay for any goods or services using Visa and MasterCard cards with ease and state-of-the art security.

TBA’s Partners are Financial Institutions duly licensed with the international payment systems VISA and MasterCard, which allows us to service companies that sell their goods and services online. Our Partners will supply your business with a payment system that accepts bank cards registered with either of two major global payment systems, Visa and MasterCard. Our service will add value by bringing you:

  • Quick settlement: purchase amounts are remitted to your company account with minimal delay;
  • New clientele and increased turnover: when they pay for goods and services, your clients will have the option of using a MasterCard, Maestro, VISA or VISA Electron brand payment card issued by any bank worldwide;
  • Enhanced payment security: the buyer’s payment card data are always safe;
  • Convenient income registration and monitoring: completed transactions are easy to review in account statements from Internet Bank.

Who qualifies as an e-merchant?

An e-merchant is a client that performs sales online via a dedicated online shop, without intermediaries, and accepts or plans to accept payment cards as payment. They require a bank account to conduct business activities.

Accepted payment cards: VISA, MasterCard and any products with their brands.

Currencies: EUR/USD (other currencies might be accepted upon request).

Note: use of MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa.


TBA will assist Clients registering their trading company, if required, at the most suitable jurisdiction, within the acceptable and above referred countries. We will work with a client and provide all necessary help to open an active current account with our Partner.

The e-merchant should provide: E-Merchant questionnaire dully filled out, containing:

Schematic or outline of the e-merchant’s business;

Copy of a valid license or special permit (if necessary or applicable);

The e-merchant’s annual report, profit/loss account and balance statement for the previous year;

Agreement on lease of spaces or warehouses (if necessary or applicable);

TBA will take directly care of Client’s evaluation and due diligence for e-commerce purposes.

TBA and its Partners do not cooperate with

  • E-merchants and beneficial owners with poor reputation or negative business history
  • High-risk e-merchants engaging in:

Online gambling (online casinos, virtual gambling halls and betting houses).

Illegal business (including sale of child pornography, narcotics or weaponry).

Personals and escort services/portals.

Multi-level marketing schemes.

Telemarketing business.

Sale of antiques.

Private detective and security company services.

Sale of animals.

Repair services.

Political and religious organisations.

Sale of pharmaceuticals.

Sale of replicas and counterfeit goods.

Sale of tobacco.

MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) type transactions.

Agreement termination

  • Freeform application.
  • The security deposit is refunded within 180 days.

Our Partners

Our Partners are international private banks that provide a wide range of financial services to its clients (individuals as well as businesses), coupled with custom service by CRDs (Client Relationship Directors), and head offices in Riga, Latvia; they are represented in a number of EU and CIS countries, and maintains a network of trusted partners worldwide.

Our Partners’ mission is to help their clients protect and multiply their wealth and to manage an organisation that is attractive to talented people.

Since their creation, they have been reliable partners in finance management. They build their client relationships on a mutually beneficial basis – their specialists apply their experience and impeccable professionalism to solving issues of any scale in an optimal manner. They are valued for their flexible approach, vast experience, and respect for confidentiality, efficiency and devotion to success in the long term. Their agile business model, international scale and vast knowledge allow them to respond quickly to new opportunities.

TBA E-Commerce Package

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Our company licensing services

— What we do and do not do

Our company is EXCLUSIVELY engaged in assisting worldwide clients, either individuals or corporate entities, to get duly and properly licensed with local Regulators and Financial Authorities to get respective official licenses to legally carry out their cryptocurrency or financial related business activities.

TBA & Associates Tax Business Advisors does not provide or carry out any sort of Cryptocurrency or Financial services!

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