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TBA is an international organization and leading worldwide operator of mail drop and virtual office services, bringing together, people, property and technology to provide you with a platform for doing business on flexible terms, whenever and wherever you require.

Sometimes you need a reliable address where you can be sure you’ll receive all of your mail and package deliveries no matter where you might be on the globe. You need an address that offers privacy, security and convenience.

TBA offers your private mailing address with re-forwarding services, and dedicated telephone and fax lines that provide a distinct advantage over renting at a regular post office box.

TBA Virtual Office Services provides you with a world-class image. You receive all the benefits of a permanent office without the need to actually be there – TBA Virtual Office Services centres addresses for your business and professional voice mail & fax service where you can check messages from anywhere around the world. So you can concentrate on running your business, while a professional support team handles the rest.

Virtual Office Packages inclusions

Mailing Address (not PO Box)

Mail Forwarding

Fax Services

Voice Mail

Term: 1 year, renewable

Think of it… Your own corporate business address in one of the business capitals of the world! Become an international company, instantly. Finally, an office support services without investing big time and money.
We offer a complete corporate identity package with business support services ranging from:
  • Your own International virtual office will re-forward your mail to you, anywhere.
  • Free re-mailing of your outgoing mail.
  • Voice mail and fax service with forwarding options.
  • Handling of all special requests…

In 120 cities worldwide, and over 70 countries. All our services can be customized by arrangement, so if you do not find everything you are looking for in here, or you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always pleased to be helpful.

Get your mailing address within 24 hours!

Why should you have your own virtual office?

Keeping your mail private

Most people would assume that if they are not involved in crime or terrorism their mail, phone, car, home and office are likely to be of interest to the government or bureaucrats. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Even if your own affairs are 100% legitimate, it is virtually certainly that among your friends and business acquaintances there will be someone whose not. Unfortunately, through the activities of others you could find your phone records being examined, a tracking device fitted to your car, bugs installed in your office or your mail being scrutinised. It sounds outrageous but it is not so difficult to understand the potential risk when you consider in a complex investigation the police and government do not – as a rule – know in the early stages who is a criminal or accomplice and who is totally innocent. During this process of elimination all sorts of nightmares can arise which can create major headaches to someone who through no fault of their own has come to the attention of government authorities.

When people find themselves the subject of unwanted attention it is usually because of a connection to someone you may never suspect is a drug dealer, terrorist or insider dealer. Although you could find yourself subjected to a variety of types of surveillance, we will examine mail security first.

Most of us take it for granted that if we send a letter from point A to point B it will arrive at the other end without being tampered with, and that if it was we would know. Unfortunately, this is not strictly true, mail can be interfered with in a multitude of ways; a friend who worked for the Intelligence services informed us that several types of mail surveillance are regularly used. He confirmed that mail is sometimes inspected by both authorized, government, and non-authorised, private investigators, using techniques which employ varying degrees of sophistication.

The most basic official investigation is called ‘mail cover’ where the postal authorities are instructed to either photocopy the envelopes of all letters to a certain address, or alternatively note the post marks in a book and with return addresses if any.

Surveillance can lead to all sorts of problems, it is only through this type of procedure that either the criminal is caught or the innocent individual is excluded from the investigation. At the next level mail is scanned by various means, either by using bright lights to look through the envelope or by using solvent to render the envelope transparent, which makes the contents readable, the solvent then evaporates leaving no trace. Going a stage further, investigators can open letters discreetly, in the case of a private investigator, this is usually a very serious offence – in most countries – but if they were good at their job, you would never know. The normal route to gain access to the contents of a letter is to open the seam at the side of the envelope, this can often be peeled apart and resealed without detection, the other route used by experts which requires considerable practice is to use a slither of bamboo to roll up the letter and pull it out through the gap at the top.

If a monitoring operation has been undertaken by the police or security services – for the purpose of serious crime detection or investigation – they will almost certainly get the person they are trying to nail. We are not talking about the odd offshore account or a bit of cash in hand work, but a serious high-level investigation. In these circumstances a person has only two options, accept the worst or stop doing whatever it is that triggered the investigation! If they do not break the law from that point on then things may start to settle down, obviously the investigation would be viewed as a serious warning! Unless you are a career criminal, finding yourself in this situation means it is time to seriously rethink your activities. Avoiding a stint in the slammer has to be the number one priority for anyone with a degree of common sense.

Our company licensing services

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Our company is EXCLUSIVELY engaged in assisting worldwide clients, either individuals or corporate entities, to get duly and properly licensed with local Regulators and Financial Authorities to get respective official licenses to legally carry out their cryptocurrency or financial related business activities.

TBA & Associates Tax Business Advisors does not provide or carry out any sort of Cryptocurrency or Financial services!

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