Company formation in Estonia

Economic overview

Foreign investors find Estonia quite attractive. Moreover, the Estonian government encourages foreign investors to come and open a company in Estonia through incentives and a friendly business environment. Moreover, it offers a liberal trade, a balanced budget and favorable legislation.

According to the World Bank Group, Estonian economy brought Estonia on the 25th place as far as the ease of starting a business. Foreign investors play an important role in the economy of Estonia, especially through investments in fields like telecommunications and banking. Recently, many of the world’s growing companies, such as Skype, Bolt, TransferWise, Playtech amongst others, have set up their business in Estonia, the northern European country.

Estonian business strategy is based on a well-developed digital infrastructure and belief that almost everything can be done online with minimal funds and time waste.

Currently, some of the established startups entrepreneurs are companies run by digital nomads, freelancers, and self-employed. The e-Residency programme was created for them, aimed at opening access to the Estonian business environment to entrepreneurs from all over the world and simplifying the processes of the business sector.

Thanks to Estonia’s membership in the EU, e-Residents have the right to use e-services on an equal basis with Estonian residents and manage their company fully remotely, while their business is based in the European Single Market.

Location-independent lifestyle is made possible by e-Residency: low-cost administration, ease of doing business, and preferential taxation. Company in Estonia OÜ will help you set up a startup in Estonia and manage your business wherever you are.

Company registration in Estonia

Procedures to register a company in Estonia are processed through a local public notary. Incorporating a company in Estonia also requires opening a bank account, contracting a local accountant and finding a registered office to be the office address of the company.

Basic information

Type of companies: Limited Liability Company and Public Limited Company.

Minimum share capital: 2500 EUR

Paid-in requirement: No, can also be 1 Eur.

Min. number of shareholders for Limited Company: 1

Time frame for the incorporation: 5 business days.

Corporate tax rate: 0% until profits distributed.

Dividend tax rate: 20%

VAT rate: 20%

Are shelf companies available? Yes.

Do you supply a registered address/virtual office? Yes.

Local Director required: No.

Electronic Signature: Yes.

Is accounting/annual return required? Yes.

Foreign-ownership allowed? Yes.

Company formation requirements

Both resident and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to set up a company in Estonia must comply with the Company Law, by meeting the following requirements:

  • Select a business name, which must be unique;
  • Provide to the Registrar all identification documents of members and directors;
  • Prepare and notarise the company’s Articles of Association before filing them for registration purposes;
  • Obtain a local legal address for the company;
  • Open a company bank account to deposit the share capital;
  • Registering with the Estonian tax authorities, to get respective tax identification number, VAT number and approval for registration for social security;
  • Apply for eventual licenses, permits or approvals, face to the business activity it will be carrying out.

Registering a company in Estonia

How long does it take to register a company in Estonia?

Setting up a company in Estonia is quite fast process, considering that:

The name reservation takes less than one day;
Filing the company’s corporate documents will take one day, too;
Tax and VAT registration usually take about 3 days;
Registering with the Employer Registry will be done the same day.

Company formation in Estonia is a process that can also be carried out remotely, by simply obtaining “e-residency” in Estonia. We will take care of it, should you decide accordingly.

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