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TBA & Associates LTD can help you planning your affairs, maximize fiscal efficiency, protect your wealth for now and for future generations, or even if you want to grow across international borders and wish to achieve financial efficiency.
We specialise in the formation of special purpose companies on behalf of our clients worldwide. These companies provide efficient tax planning structures for investment holding, investment funds, trading, e-commerce and captive insurance.

Company management – Administration services

Our corporate management services include the provision of Directors, Nominee Shareholders, Registered Office and Agent and local Secretary.

Company secretarial services including holding of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, minute resolutions passed, maintaining directors’ and shareholders’ minute books.

Company support services including registered office facilities, mail forwarding, telephone and facsimile answering services.

Accounting services including the preparation of management, consolidated and statutory accounts, calculation of NAV’s, share and portfolio reports and analysis, bank reconciliation, filing of statutory returns, establishing bank accounts and treasury and banking functions, including arranging transfers of funds, standing orders and periodic payments.

Legal advisory services

TBA, with its team of specialist lawyers, is uniquely qualified to meet the legal needs of individuals as well as industry groups in various legal areas including intellectual property, corporate internet and e-commerce, and international trade law.

Our team approach to legal solutions has been extremely well received by clients particularly those clients with diversified businesses. We pride ourselves on being not just legal advisers but integral and value added members of each client’s business team.

International Trade Law

Advising and Assisting foreign individuals and Corporations investing or forming and operating businesses.

Trusts services
International wealth – Estate planning

Regardless of where your assets are located, we offer tailor made financial planning and wealth management solutions that will preserve and enhance the value of your wealth. This involves a thorough analysis of your personal situation that is, your nationality, residence, objectives for your inheritance etc. The solution proposed may take the form of a will, a gift or a change of residence or the setting up a trust.

Trust allows flexibility in the acquisition, enhancement, preservation and transmission of one’s property with greater confidentiality and optimal tax planning within a strict legal framework. It also protects against claims based on foreign expropriation and exchange control laws.

TBA offers comprehensive advice and assistance with the establishment and administration of various forms of trust and asset management.

Our Trustee services encompasses

Creation of trust for individuals and corporations.

Drafting of the trust deed.

Acting as corporate trustees and administering the assets in accordance with the trust deed and the letter of wishes, if any.

Prepare and maintain trust accounts on the basis of principal and income accounting.

Make distributions to the beneficiaries.

Provide a Protector, where required.

Protect and ensure the safe custody of documents.

Establishing and administering Asset Protection Trust allowing clients access to their assets free of interference, seizure or freezing.

Other services

Legal & Tax advise

Structuring of investment funds, offshore entities and trusts Intellectual property: patent, trade mark, copyright and technology transfer Trust and estate planning Tax and legal due diligence assignments Captive insurance and captive insurance management business.

Administration services

Managing clients’ companies

Accounting services and statutory duties – tax computation and filing of returns Trade support and related services – documentary credits and trade financing Treasury management services Legalisation of documents for use abroad.

Offshore company management – Levels of service

An International Business Company can be configured with a number of regular and optional services. This resembles ordering a new car – by installing certain optional equipment the vehicle gets safer, more comfortable and more useful.

It is important to choose the right configuration that suits you best. There is no universal recipe – each person and his business situation are different. What suits one client perfectly can be dangerous for another.

A properly configured and managed IBC, also quoted as “Offshore Company” can provide substantial tax benefits, protect assets, improve business efficiency, reduce costs and maintain confidentiality. An improperly configured business company is a recipe for disaster for the owner and his business.

The necessity for some or all of the optional services will always depend on the actual circumstances of each individual client, and his business. These options should best be considered before placing an order for incorporation, although their integration at a later stage is also possible.

In the following descriptions there will be frequent references to “Client”. For the purposes of this review, the “Client” means the real, beneficial owner of the company or the person who has requested us (the Agent) to form the company, or any other persons whom the beneficial owner has designated or involved in the company structure in any capacity, all such persons being independently introduced by the client himself and NOT controlled or employed by us (the Agent).

Notes on Due Diligence – Know your client rules

For many years some clients of offshore jurisdictions would expect to form an offshore company, appoint nominee directors and then be given complete control of the company’s activities so that the offshore service provider would know nothing of the company’s activities.

The advent of the modern legislation to prevent money laundering has caused significant change in this business over the last few years. Today, the offshore corporate manager will need to be completely informed of the identities of his clients and the nature and details of their business. The logic and reason behind this is quite simple – offshore companies have been used in the past by terrorists, drug traffickers and corrupt politicians to facilitate their illegal doings. To help prevent this from happening, the offshore service provider needs to get acquainted with the activities of his clients.

At the outset the offshore service provider will ask for comprehensive proof of the clients’ identities and contact details. Thereafter – especially if more advanced offshore services are ordered – the offshore manager will ascertain the client’s goals and will also need to assure itself that a particular structure is not being set up to engage in or hide the proceeds of fraud, corruption and all other types of criminal activity. The manager will also check that proposed activities are not “sensitive”, even if legal, for example arms trading. Having established the client’s intentions the manager will then agree how a company will operate.

If the offshore service provider is to provide such advanced services as third-party Director or account signatory, it is important for the client to understand that the offshore Directors’ liabilities are exactly the same as those of any other director. On an ongoing basis the directors are responsible for the good governance of the Company. Therefore, full co-operation with the Client is essential.

TBA is licensed to provide all of the company management services as described.

Our company licensing services

— What we do and do not do

Our company is EXCLUSIVELY engaged in assisting worldwide clients, either individuals or corporate entities, to get duly and properly licensed with local Regulators and Financial Authorities to get respective official licenses to legally carry out their cryptocurrency or financial related business activities.

TBA & Associates Tax Business Advisors does not provide or carry out any sort of Cryptocurrency or Financial services!

Disclaimer: While TBA & Associates strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, the information itself is for reference purposes only. You should not substitute the information provided in this article for competent legal advice. Feel free to contact TBA Customer Services for advice on your specific cases.

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